Our Story



In 2009, Revolve Boutiques founder Lisa Castagno rented a 200 sq ft space, lined the walls with clothing racks and asked the community to clean out their closets. Shortly thereafter, the empty clothing racks were filled with contemporary fashions and the Revolve consignment cycle was born. Lisa’s twofold mission was to make designer fashion accessible to all women, while offering a welcoming boutique environment to her clients.

Since then, Revolve has grown from its single storefront to a network of five boutiques with a burgeoning online presence. Lisa runs the stores with her two daughters Lauren and Alisa who share her commitment to accessible luxury and authentic relationships. With dedication to clients and an appreciation for fashion at the forefront of the operation, Revolve is tightening its grip on the consignment market. 

“Relationships among women in my family revolve around a love of fashion and an appreciation of value. First with my grandmother and mother and then with my daughters, I’ve cultivated a love of fine fabrics and a commitment to maintaining a beautiful wardrobe for a fraction of retail.” - Lisa Castagno