About Us



H O W  I T  ST A R T E D.

In 2009, Revolve Consignment Boutiques founder Lisa Castagno rented a 200 sq ft space, lined the walls with clothing racks and asked the community to clean out their closets. Shortly thereafter, the empty clothing racks were filled with contemporary fashions and the Revolve Consignment cycle was born. Lisa’s twofold mission was to make designer fashion accessible to all women, while offering a welcoming boutique environment to her clients.

Revolve Consignment soon grew from its single storefront to a network of five boutiques. Lisa runs the stores with her two daughters Lauren and Alisa who share her commitment to accessible luxury and authentic relationships. 


H O W  I T ' S  G O I N G.

Revolve Consignment is a family-owned business committed to making luxury accessible to all. We have cultivated a trusted community of sellers making us the premier destination for high-end resale shopping in and around Boston. Our welcoming boutique environment and convenient model have elevated the consignment experience


W H A T  M A K E S  U S  D I F F E R E N T. 

  • With 15 years of industry experience, we have mastered the art of resale. Our skilled buyers hand-select each item with our community of shoppers in mind and we price competitively to keep the consignment cycle in motion.  
  • Revolve offers something for everyone. We carry an array of brands from Eileen Fisher, Lululemon, Anine Bing and Veronica Beard, to Chanel and Hermes. We also specialize in fine jewelry.
  • We offer a unique set of exclusive concierge services separating us from competitors. These services include appointment-free drop offs, home consignment pickup, wishlist matching and personalized style appointments.
  • Our revolving model lengthens the lifecycle of luxury apparel, handbags, shoes and accessories. By rotating pre-owned high-end fashions in and out of the marketplace, we provide consignors and shoppers with the opportunity to refresh their wardrobes and to reduce textile waste.